.​.​.​and other trumatic events

by Anything You Want

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Internal landscapes of ones "I" are waiting for rebirth. Let these sounds take you to a journey... You can go and do anything you want...


released October 30, 2016

M - all instruments, vocal
RT/TM - additional keyboards, arrangements

Recording, mixing, mastering - Marcin Rybicki, Left Hand Sound Studio
Cover art: Astmol (www.facebook.com/Astmol-145582092176600/)
Logo: View from the Coffin (www.viewfromthecoffin.com)



all rights reserved


Anything You Want Poznań, Poland

Internal landscapes of ones "I" are waiting for rebirth. Let these sounds take you to a journey... You can go and do anything you want...
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Track Name: The Event
Track Name: Rote Learner
Here in the maze we stay…

in the maze of no possibilities, wonder and bounce around
around the thoughts and wishes of things beyond will’s reach
jittery actions for change,
rote focus
another throw of the dice, life’s odds thin out with no success

sky turned grey for the last time, and the blue shore opened
still beyond the reach, life’s odds thin out with lack of energy

breathe out...
breathe ones life

consign oneself to the swathe of sadness
in moment dwell, start again
in moment dwell
Track Name: The Stride
Drown the thoughts in storm of rage and misunderstanding.
Freedom of one, bought by other’s death
Changed the words we used to speak.
Fear of taking the voice, life into your hands.

Not here
Not now
Not ever

The darkening that devours. One against one.
Lead to years of loneliness. Driven apart and pervaded the soul.
Beeline from days of rage and the old truths.
Reaching out gives understanding, words build the bridges.

Still, can’t torn asunder all that has been built.
Stay headwind and listen to the outside.
Regain the flame that nurtures memories of good.

Regain the flame
Ragain forgotten lives

Rueful tears go down and vanish in ocean of forgiveness.
Times do heal the scars one’s done to another.
Words of past disappear…
Truth allows to forgive…
Track Name: Elsewhere
Track Name: Inheritance
Blessed be the unenlightened who seek truth in hypocrisy
Warmongers – preachers of ignorance. Shouting the comfortable, pleasant hoax.
Funneling the past is what leads to sadness. Now and then truths collide.
Stand out will be the wondering ones, inventive minds. Ideas left in attic.

Every once in a life time, things do change. Unnoticed lead to despair.
Reason lies inside and moment does it take - yet a stride - to become new.
Discern the florid light and reach beyond malignant voices.
It will take just a second.

Being one with the darkened.
Become now the stars, the life.
The truth is hidden deeply and remember…
Recant the pang of guilt from the outter.

Outside can change, but the inside
The inside will remain forever
The inside will be you
From now on, be forever

Lilting sounds of forgiveness
will grant clemency.
Outbound flight and start new day with a promise to oneself.

Away from ire,
festive time of will to power.